Jessica Joffe

  • Jessica Joffe

  • Joffe and I met many years ago at a casting in NYC.  If she and I were there then the brief must have called for both models and the now very popular term in the fashion world, ” real people”.  Joffe it was clear belonged to the former group.  As I sat there waiting, in strides this tall striking red head, who, seemingly unaware of anyone else in the room, flops down in a tangled mess of long limbs, perfect features, bored and beautiful, next to me.  I myself belonged to the latter bunch.  We real people sometimes try to adopt the same carefree, “yah this is totally boring”, nonchalance that most models do so well but alas our nervous, will they notice my dodgy nose, fidgeting gives most of us away!  At castings however there is no distinction between the cattle and we are all herded into one pen to await our painful polaroid moments.  It was here that we met and have since grown into great friends.  The last couple of years have kept Joffe pretty busy.  Not only a model she is also an actress and last year she shot a movie with Anton Corbijn called, “A Most Wanted Man”, along side Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel Mcadams which comes out next Fall.  She plays Rachel’s best friend.  Most recently she has been busy with another movie called, “And it was Good”, a love story which was directed by Graham Waterston where she plays one of the two leads.  If her performances are any thing like how she is in real life then we are in for a treat!  Joffe is a force to reckon with.  Drop dead gorgeous and intimidatingly smart she also posses a wit so sharp it could slice thru metal!   I see big things in her future, move over Kidman, take a seat Jessica Chastain there is a new red head in town.


    Who is Jessica Joffe?
    Jessica Joffe is a layabout and ne’erdowell.


  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    I didn’t want to grow up.

    How did you get to be where you are?
    I walked here from my bedroom, with a brief interlude in the bath.

  • If you could go back in time and give your 16 year old self some advice what would it be?
    Break even more rules.  And get away with it.

    If the wardrobe in your bedroom would lead you to another world what would your Narnia look like?
    I’m pretty sure neither of us wants to know what’s at the back of my wardrobe.


  • By day you are….?  By night you are….?
    By day I am an actress, a model and (reluctant) writer.  By all accounts that would suggest I am a prostitute.  At night I street walk.  But just for fresh air.

    What was one of your favorite past projects?
    My favorite project so far has been playing the lead in Graham Waterston’s film “And it was Good” alongside the great Louis Cancelmi and Sam Waterston.  It is a wonderful love story that encompasses everything: life and death and sorrow and laughing and marriage and loss and swimming and sex and tears and yelling and sunglasses and very nice underwear and good food.

  • What are you working on right now?
    I am working on all sorts of hare-brained schemes right now.

    And what do you dream of happening in the future?
    The future is love and kids and books and houses and movies and enormous meals and being in the right place for the right season and learning to do a backflip.


  • What song do you love that you keep secret because it’s too embarrassing to say publicly that you like it?
    I’m not embarrassed to say that I love the Doobie Brothers’ ‘What a Fool Believes”… What’s it to you?

    Which version of “Beat it” do you prefer, Michael Jacksons or Weird Al Yankovics, “Eat it” !?
    Weird Al wins by a slight margin.


  • Are you a morning person or a night person?
    I’d like to think of myself as a morning person but I really hate getting out of bed.

    Any advice for people just starting out?

    I think the best thing is not to take too much advice when you’re starting out and carefully cultivate good instincts, courage and never stop sharpening your wit. Also, know from the get go how low you’re willing to go, because you will be asked to go lower.

  • Is there a quote or mantra you live by?
    Brush your teeth at least twice a day.