Ann Taylor ” Girlfriend Jeans”

  • Ann Taylor asked me to photograph and video 4 sets of best friends wearing their new “Girlfriend jeans” and talking about their relationship.

    First up over the page we have Nuby and Rebecca who met on the block where they lived many years ago.  Nuby came to the rescue of Rebecca who struggling with her babies, strollers and shopping bags,  since then the families have  become the best of friends, spending Sunday dinners at each others houses and all going on vacation together.

    After them we have Justine and Sophie, who met at work and bonded over being the youngest and their love of dancing.

    Thirdly there is Molly and Jeanine who have been friends since kindergarten, being there for each other thru the bad and the good times.

    Finally sisters, Laura and Emily, who grew up in Upstate New York and now both live in the same apartment block 2 floors apart in NYC.