Coach 75th Anniversary

  • In honor of their 75th anniversary Coach commissioned me to paint a piece from their archive every month for six months.  The project is in its sixth and final month.


    The Saddle Bag, born 1972.

    Watercolor and pencil.

  • The Saddle Bag,  re-born 2016.

    Watercolor and pencil

  • The Shopping Bag, born 1964

    Watercolor and pencil.

  • The Water Buffalo, #56.  Born in 1956.


  • ” First Date”

    Featuring the 1968 “Cashing Carry Mini Double Header” bag accompanying Snoopys date.   ( Snoopy and the Peanut collection collaborated with Coach in 2014)

    Water color and pencil.

  • “The Handle Clutch, born 1974.”

    This is the 6th and final installment from this collaboration with Coach, celebrating their 75th anniversary.  Ending on a more personal note I decided to paint my own vintage Coach bag, that
    I bought many moons ago, and is one of the few items to survive the yearly spring cleans and cullings.

    There is also a vintage Coach baseball glove floating in the corner just ’cause I liked the look of it!!