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  • Who is Margot?
    Margot is a violinist, singer and composer. She dreams in black and white, travels with pen and paper and keeps wild at heart.

    What are your working on now?
    I’ve been in the studio recording vocals and strings for my debut solo record; creating a classical music mixtape and writing a piece for orchestra. I’m currently writing from a ryokan in Kyoto, Japan, on our day off. I’m one half of The Dolls, a band I have with Mia Moretti; we’re on tour in Asia opening for Katy Perry.

    How did u get to be where u are?
    Lots of day dreaming…not being afraid to experiment and have it go completely wrong. Exploring mistakes are where I’ve found my sweet spots.


    Margot’s Instagram is    @CALLMEMARGOT



  • Who is Rachel Trachtenburg?
    I’m a musician/artist from NYC. I also act, model, and have radio show about different forms of activism but music is everything to me.

    What are you working on now and what do you dream of happening in the future?
    I’m working on lots of different projects right now. I’m the drummer of an indie pop girl band called The Prettiots. We just finished our first tour and trip to SXSW! I also have a solo band where I sing and play guitar with some friends, it’s very psychedelic folk with some grunge mixed in there. I’ve been doing recordings and trying lots of new things out! My dream is to pretty much do what I’m doing now… I would love everything to get bigger and grow naturally.

    What song do you love but keep secret ’cause it’s too embarrassing to say publicly that you like it?
    I don’t really have any songs like that now… BUT I can say I went through a very serious Hilary Duff phase when her album Metamorphosis came out….

    Rachels Instagram’s
          @trachtenbirdy   @theprettiots


  • Who is Kyra Green?
    I am a teenager born and raised in nyc, trying to build a successful career through fashion and music. I’ve always been shy but the older I get the more I become a strong women fighting for my dreams to come true.

    What song do you love but keep secret ’cause it’s too embarrassing to say publicly that you like it?
    “Hey Ya”, by Outcast! He’s always my mcm on insta, haha!

    Kyra’s  Instagrams:
       @212GREEN   @kyragreen_nyc

  • Who is May Kwok?
    She’s a real cool cat.  😉

    How did you get to be where you are now?
    A lot of motivation and hard work. I’ve been navigating the music and fashion space for a while from a few different perspectives – marketing, event producing, publicity, Djing. All the hours spent getting experience and creating a network definitely drove me to do my own thing where I’m available to do it all! Freelancing and working on multiple projects at once has been so amazing and creatively fulfilling.

    If the wardrobe in your bedroom would lead you to another world what would your Narnia look like?

    I just got back from Costa Rica which, to me, is one of the most magical places. Endless beaches, waves, and clear starry skies sounds about perfect…. Mix in my favorite music, friends, and an unlimited supply of designer clothes and we have NARNIA.

    Mays Instagram:   @IAMAMAYZING