Hatch x Bandier

  • So excited to introduce the brand new HATCHxBANDIER collab campaign, dedicated to “Women Who Run The World.” These two amazing women-owned brands are launching an effortlessly cool line of maternity activewear for before, during and after baby.  I’m flattered to be among a group of five other amazing women who are evolving the way we think about the balancing act of motherhood and honoring yourself outside of being a mother by allowing yourself to follow, change and explore your personal passions. As humans, we’re not built to do one thing on repeat everyday. There are going to be some sacrifices and some scary things, but as soon as you switch your mindset—if you say it, other people will believe it. You just start doing it. It starts with you.



  • One of our HATCH x BANDIER “Women Who Run The World”, Frances Tulk-Hart literally does it all…sometimes all at once! Born and raised in London, Frances got her start in fashion working at Oscar de la Renta (swoon) and Betsy Johnson as a young woman.  Now after stints in styling, photography and the art world, Frances is helming ” 5 minutes with Franny” a passion project born from her time abroad, ” I’ve met so many wonderful people in my adult life, and thought it’d be great to document them and hear their story and let their story inspire other people.  Because I know with my career, listening to other peoples stories as always been so inspiring, so I thought It would be fun to share the love..”

    We approached Frances for the HATCH x BANDIER active-wear campaign, because she is inspiring and always on the move. She has clearly embraced a “do what you love” attitude, and in turn cultivated an incredible career, a budding family and a lot of admirers ( ahem). Read on to learn how Frances runs her world.



  • On Following Your Passion:
    There are going to be some sacrifices and some scary things, but as soon as you switch your mindset, now I’m a photographer, now I’m a painter, now I’m whatever.  If you say it, believe it and actually do it, other people will believe it.  You just have to start doing it. You start learning it. Transferable skills I believe so much, because I think that as humans we’re not built to just do one thing on repeat everyday..

    On Trying New Careers:
    Just dip a toe and then jump right in!  My love for styling started to wane after doing it for about 7 years. Coincidentally at the same time I picked up a camera and that love exploded.  I did both for a few years because I had to.  I was making money with styling but not yet photography.  Then I started making money with photography which meant I could finally let go of styling. I’ve been in photography for about 10 years now and last year started painting. Now I do both. I love doing both.  You’re not the same person you were when you were 20. Why should your career be? For some people the passion doesn’t ever wane but for a lot of people they get trapped ( by fear) doing some thing they no longer liked or maybe never did.  I wish they could just grab what they really want to do by the balls and just jump in….!