Brian and Ben

  • Who is Brian?

    Brian: Brian somewhere between pastry cook and artist. He likes speaking foreign languages.

    Ben: Brian is talented, funny, ambitious, and just himself, there’s no one like him.

    Who is Ben?

    Brian: Ben is a hilarious, talented and clever person who radiates positive energy–most of the time.

    Ben: Is from Kentucky, illustrator, likes going out to dinner.

    Who are Ben and Brian?

    Ben and Brian…have spent most of their time together the past four-and-a-half years.

    How long have you been together?

    4 years, 9 months.

  • Tell us your story, how did you meet?

    A mutual friend set us up, and then two years later the magic began.


    Was it love at first sight?

    Brian: No. We became friends over a long period of time before “dating.”

    Ben: No

    Out of the billions of people in the world why each other?

    Brian: Ben’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and he has one of the best hearts. He’s also very clever and I trust his eye I respect his work.

    Ben: Because I can’t imagine anyone else.

    Your hopes and dreams?

    Brian: If you’re not getting paid to listen to my answer to that, you’d probably prefer not to hear it.

    Ben: A long happy life with great trips and full of friends and family

  • Who is the better dancer?

    Brian: Ben is the better ballet dancer.

    Ben: Me

    Do you believe it’s ok to go on separate vacations?  


    Ben: Yes


    Any regrets? 

    Brian: I try not to have those.

    Ben: No

    How do you keep the romance alive?

    Brian:Road trips.

    Ben: Trips and nice dinners.

  • What is easy?  Like wise what is hard?

    Brian:  Easy: deciding what’s for breakfast. Hard: deciding what’s for dinner.

    Ben: Being around each other is easy. Sharing a small space is hard.


    Any idea what the secret is to everlasting love?

    Brian: I imagine it’s mostly luck.

    Ben: Good jokes and shared goals.