Dave and Jen

  • Who is Jen? 

    JENN: Curious + Ambitious. New mom to Harper Moon. I work/play as a Stylist and Creative type of Hunter NY (jewelry, objects + textiles…and whatever else we feel like making).

    DAVE: Jenn’s a champion mother, partner and my backbone.


    Who is Dave ?

    JENN: Dave is thoughtful, kind + an incredible father. He’s a creative creature and annoyingly athletic.

    DAVE: New, ecstatic father. Also a Stylist, Jewelry Designer and drone nerd.


    Who are Jen and Dave ? 

    JENN: Partners in life, lurve + business.

    DAVE: A-Team.


  • How long have you been together?

    10.5 years.

    Tell us your story, how did you meet?

    JENN: We were friends in college at F.I.T. + occasionally stayed in touch after but It wasn’t until years later that Dave asked me out on AOL instant messenger. We’ve been hanging out since.

    DAVE: She wasn’t sure if I was asking her to hang out or go on a date. Haha.

    Was it love at first sight? 

    JENN: No, because we were friends for a long time before getting together.

    DAVE: Absolutely.

  • Out of the billions of people in the world why each other?

    JENN: All because of AOL. And because we compliment each other. Dave is fearless, sees the world with endless possibilities + constantly encourages me to go for it. How lucky am I?!

    DAVE: Because she puts up with my organized confusion. Seriously, I couldn’t have found a better friend and partner to evolve with.


    Your hopes and dreams?

    JENN: To continually create. Family time, travel + a cabin in the woods/beach.

    DAVE: To grow old together, watch our daughter blossom and have our own private island.


    Who is the better dancer?

    JENN: Dave. Ask him to show you his “Whip/Nae Nae” dance.

    DAVE: Jenn.


    Do you believe it’s ok to go on separate vacations?

    JENN: Yes, and necessary.

    DAVE: Yes.


  • Any regrets?

    JENN: No regrets, but a ton of lessons.

    DAVE: Never.


    What is easy? What is hard?

    JENN: Balance + balance.

    DAVE: Loving my girls is easy. Sleep deprivation is hard.


    How do you keep the romance alive? 

    JENN: Travel + knowing when it’s time to eat.

    DAVE: My ‘blue steel’ look works. Traveling and always exploring.


    Any idea what the secret is to everlasting love?

    JENN: LOL-ing, avocado toasts, “I’m sorry” and mostly winging it.

    DAVE: Choosing my battles and making sure she’s fed!


    JENN: jennmonzon.com / www.hunter-ny.com @hunterjewelry

    DAVE: davidansvananda.com / www.mathmatiks.com @mathmatiks / BrooklynAeronautics.tumblr.com