Domino and Cass

  • Domino, tell us about Domino ? 
    Oof! Well, for the longest time I identified myself as a musician. That was it. I studied voice and piano in high school, and long before that, back in England, I was the “singer” in my family. I sang in choirs, wrote songs, took lessons. All though my teens and early 20’s I was either perusing music or I was someone’s girlfriend. I’d get lost in relationship drama, then I’d go back to music. I became a mum when I was 24, and it turned my whole world on its head. I was EVERY woman! For the first time in my life I stopped and questioned if it was me or my parents that wanted me to be a musician. After becoming a mum I felt closer to my mother and my sisters. I felt connected to women who were complete strangers in a way I never had. I used to isolate a lot, but now I wanted to be in the world. It was challenging though, because I didn’t recognize my self. I was a musician still, but that was simply a detail! I had to do a real “scan” and ask myself “was this it?!” I became a Birth Doula when my son was 6 months old. After a lifetime of being obsessed by pregnant women and babies, I really thought that eventually Midwifery would be my calling, but Doula work is where I’ll stay… For now;) I just started writing and performing music again in the past few years. It’s so much more fun now! I have much more to say! I started a community center in Williamsburg in 2012, called Carriage House Birth. We offer prenatal and postpartum services. We build a village around new mums and families. It’s just the best! I’m still on call as a birth doula, but less so these days to focus more on my album, I’m also mentoring and teaching other doulas.

    Cass, tell us about Cass?
    I’m 7 and three quarters. I moved schools this year, so I’m still meeting kids. I like red. I like art class. Batman is my favorite super hero!

    Cass, what do you want to be when you grow up?
    I wanna own a Lego co. And be a scientist.

  • Cass, tell us about your mum? What kind of mum is she ?
    A good one! She’s sweet, and even when we have arguments, she still loves me. She tries to make things better. We figure things out together.

    Domino, tell us about your Cass?
    He’s such a compassionate soul! An old one too! He pays great attn to detail. Loves younger kids. Takes pride in his family ( like an old Jewish grandma;) is a great listener, and he’s very fair. He’s playful, and a spaz. Loves interpretive dance and makes fun of my accent All. The. Time.

    Cass, what’s the coolest thing about your mum?
    She makes good food!

  • Domino, what traits of yourself do you recognize in Cass, are you ok with them!!?
    He’s really empathetic! Patient with other kids. He’s kind. I like to think those are all from me;) I see sometimes that he can be afraid of authority figures, and is quick to anger when something isn’t just. I definitely struggled with that as a kid… And still!

    What music do you guys dance around the house to? Do u like the same kind of music?
    Queen! We listen to the exact same things. He likes dub! Spooky trip hop. Lately he loves dancing to “Gang Gang Dance!” Cass loves a death metal sesh or fugazi freak out too!

    Cass, most annoying thing your mum does ?
    Goes on phones a lot.

  • Domino, with the benefit of hindsight would you have done anything differently with the whole mum thing?
    It’s hard to say…perhaps I would’ve waited til I was a little older and wiser… I would’ve sought out more mum friends in the beginning instead of white knuckling that first year. But really, in hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing!

    Domino, what’s the best thing bout being a mum?
    I get to hang out with my greatest teacher all day! He’s always resetting me and reminding me what really matters! He makes it easier to trust in the universe.

    Domino, what’s the hardest thing about being a mum?
    Well, I’m a single mum, so when he’s with his dad, that’s the hardest thing for me… “turning off” (never really goes anywhere) that mum switch, and going back to just being with myself. I guess it’s good practice for when he leaves home…but for now it’s pretty much torture. I’m lucky to be good friends with his dad, so Cass is never too far away. We keep it pretty open. Having an only child is intense too. I grew up with three siblings. We could always throw our weight around with each other. But with one child it is psychically so draining. It’s just us! So when he feels my energy, and it’s off in anyway, he reacts very strongly, and vice versa.

  • Domino, how did becoming a mum change your life?
    It forced me to be selfless at a very selfish time in my life. I slowed way down. It forced me to look at my own childhood in huge, scary ways. It was like I had to clean up shop to make space for this new woman!

    Cass, how many teeth has the tooth fairy taken so far? Did you save or spend the dimes she left behind?!
    6! I spent it all!

    What does the future hold ?
    We want to go to Iceland together, and New Zealand! I want to play lots of music for the next few years after I release this LP, and write a book about Doulas:) Then I’ll go back to school! I’m going to become a Midwife.

    Is there a quote or mantra you both live by?

    Domino – ”recognize the other person is you” ~ Yogi Bhajan

    Cass – ”Don’t be such a stinker!”  ~ Cass