Galadriel and Mandy

  • Who is Galadriel?

    Mandy: Galadriel is the brightest light. She is both outrageous and grounding at the same time. She feels things in a way I have never seen anyone feel, so open. I admire that sort of honesty.

    Galadriel: Galadriel is a wife, dog mom, stylist, small town girl obsessed with health and nutrition, wine and laughing.

    Who is Mandy ? 

    Galadriel: Mandy is the best human on the planet earth. She is the kindest person but what makes her double delish is she also has a twisted sense of humor.

    Mandy: Mandy is a student, nurse in the making. I’m in love with my family. I love to cook. I love the ocean. I am a wife and a dog mom.

    Who are Galadriel and Mandy?

    We are really independent but we savor the time we have together..we sink our teeth into that. And we def go from NYC time to Island time when we are together. We laugh laugh laugh everyday and have a million inside jokes.

  • How long have you been together?

    6 years together, married 2.

    Tell us your story, how did you meet?

    We are photographer, Danielle St Laurent’s fifth or sixth couple she has married up. DSL met Mandy at an opening and google imaged her and sent me an email saying your future wife. I looked at her picture and was literally sick with butterflies because I knew she was the one.

    Was it love at first sight?

    G: I told Mandy we were gonna grow old together and get married on our first date. Hey why hide the truth, right?

    M: Yes! I knew I couldn’t let this one get away.

  • Out of the billions of people in the world why each other?

    G: see aforementioned best human on earth comment

    M: We have the best time together! Its a combo of humor and emotional honesty.

    Your hopes and dreams?

    M: Slow down. Move upstate and create a bigger family with more dogs, a child, friends. I’d love a full active home with a lot of space and a huge yard and a grill! Work in a hospital in a part of medicine that I find fulfilling.

    G: Make sick money, move upstate, foster kids, foster dogs, travel to new places so we can do our fave activity of people watching on a global level, and spend a few weeks every single summer for the rest of our lives at our happy place, Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

    Who is the better dancer?

    G: Mandz. She’s very 90’s r&b/hip hop.

    M: Me. I mean Galadriel is a great dancer, for real.

  • Do you believe it’s ok to go on separate vacations?

    G: We both do our shorter alone trips to health retreats and special times with friends but our big time off is soooo all about us the married couple that are obsessed with endless days and nites together.

    M: I think it is totally ok if we go on separate vacations. I think it’s good to have time for oneself, its so important to have a relationship with you. We also make it a priority to plan trips together, we love our time with each other.

    Any regrets?

    G: We had the best wedding at City Hall and small luncheon after but sometimes I (we both) wish we would or could have done a bigger thang.

    M: I feel you on that Galadriel. I do wish we had a larger celebration.

    How do you keep the romance alive?

    G: non stop flirting with each other and daily acts of kindness to each other. For reals…it’s like money in a high interest bank account.

    M: Humor and laughter. We are constantly laughing. I also think we are really considerate of one another.

  • What is easy? Like wise what is hard?

    G:¬† Easy is being together…we love to chat with each other so it really doesn’t matter if we are in a grocery store in Brooklyn or an Island or a car ride.

    Hard is knowing what we want such as fostering or adopting and owning a home in BKLYN or Upstate and not having quite enough resources to do it yet.

    M: When it comes down to it, we have a really lovely life. We have a lot of dreams, its easy dreaming together and easy being together. Its hard when your dreams feel so far away.

    Any idea what the secret is to everlasting love?

    G: I’ve been around the block a few times and so far what I have summarized is it’s being really really really fucking sweet to each other EVERYDAY.

    M: Kindness, we are very kind to each other.


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