Tara and Negro

  • Who is Tara?

    Negro: She is mi vida. She is an amazing woman and incredible actress. Very smart and she loves food..She is my twin soul.

    Tara: I am an actress. From England.

    Who is Negro?

    Negro: I’m a cook and a chef from Argentina.

    Tara: Negro is a chef.  He is strong, kind, intelligent, creative, sexy, handsome, chivalrous, gallant, generous and the most amazing cook.

    Who are Tara and Negro? 

    Negro and Tara: We are very independent people. We love to be together but also are quite used to spending time apart. We share an obsession of music and food. We really don’t mind how people see us. Hopefully people like spending time with us together..

    How long have you been together?

    Two and a half years.

  • Tell us your story, how did you meet?

    We met in Uruguay. Negro was working as a chef in Garzon, Tara was there on holiday.  We had a three week love affair.  Tara left to go back to Los Angeles, we wrote to each other for two months, we had friends translate the emails. Two months later Negro moved to the US.  We taught each other English and Spanish. We have been together speaking Spanglish ever since.


    Was it love at first sight?

    Negro: Must be. Since we kissed, we are together.

    Tara: Something like that!


    Out of the billions of people in the world why each other?  

    Negro: It was destiny. We are twins.

    Tara: We are both Sagittarius born in the same month, same year in such different places but we feel, or at least I do, that we are deeply connected and have known each other for a very long time. We get along very very well. We really love each other but we also like each others company.  I think we balance each other quite well. We are very different. Negro can be quite shy and I can be quite not shy! But we both love new adventures, meeting new people, going to new places. In that sense we are the same.

  • Your hopes and dreams? 

    Negro: I hope we keep the same energy and healthy love life and travel the world. I dream we can live together in a big house in a farm next to a river and share a life between the farm and the city. And my dream is to open a restaurant in NYC.

    Tara: We have big plans to travel the world together. Japan is the next stop. That is our favourite thing to do. When we first were together in America, we went on a road trip for 21 days. When I look back at that i marvel how we got on so well not understanding each other much. I think traveling with someone is a great reflection of how well or not one can co exist.  My dream is to do more theatre Nyc. We would like to have a big house in the country with family and lots of animals. Donkeys, llamas ,children, friends to stay a  giant garden and a  boat.

    Who is the better dancer?

    Negro: We are both good dancers. But she is better.

    Tara: He dances more often than I do, but my moves are better 🙂


    Do you believe it’s ok to go on separate vacations?

    Negro: I believe it is completely ok. We are independent and we both travel a lot for work.

    Tara: Totally. We have spent a lot of time apart since we got together, it would be weird to lose the mutual independence we have. I wouldn’t dream of telling him not to go on a vacation without me and I hope he would afford me the same trust and respect.

  • Any regrets?  

    Negro: No none at all.

    Tara: Nope

    How do you keep the romance alive?

    Negro: We don’t fight. We respect each other. We like sex. We travel all the time to be together.

    Tara: We dance a lot together in our kitchen. We try to make sure we don’t spend more than 3 weeks apart.  We don’t take anything too seriously.


    What is easy? Like wise what is hard? 

    Negro: Is easy to live at a distance but is really hard be apart.

    Tara: Easy: our shared likes, we get on very well, we love to do the same things.  What is hard is we still struggle with each other’s language. Its hard to not fully understand someone in their native tongue.


    Any idea what the secret is to everlasting love?

    Negro: Trust and confidence. Be a couple but at the same time be individuals.

    Tara: A sense of humor, separate bathrooms.


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