Travis and Steven

  • Who is Travis?

    TQ: A creative producer in life and work. I like to edit things to what’s beautiful, necessary and has purpose. I am very loyal to my family and friends and love swimming in the ocean and all things blue.

    SB: Travis is my lifeline that no matter what, I can’t imagine being without. We’re so intertwined we are one person in a lot of ways.


    Who is Steven?

    TQ: Steven is a passionate, creative person and speaks his mind always. Honest and fair, he’s constantly in motion and never sits still. He loves our yard Upstate, travelling anywhere and everywhere as well as food, architecture and weather.

    SB: Steven is passionate to a fault, loyal and stubborn. Really creative,
    super obsessed with music, super obsessed with any and all dogs we’ve ever had, loves to clean, loves being out on our property Upstate, naively (or is it more like forever) optimistic, still figuring out who he is.


    Who are Travis and Steven?

    A dynamic duo.

    SB: We are exactly the same and completely different. That’s how we work.

  • How long have you been together?

    TQ: 21 years – is that possible!?

    SB: 21 years (did I get that right?)

    Tell us your story, how did you meet?  

    TQ: On a fall night in Philadelphia we met on the street. His friend called me over and we hung out late night. Oh to be in your twenties…We went on a date a week later and have been with together ever since. I wore my brother’s bow tie on said date and I took it off over the course of the night and lost it. I stressed out over that bow tie and my brother never noticed.

    SB: We met on a Friday night in Philadelphia on the stoop of a friend’s apartment. I’d gone out to dinner and drinking with friends. I saw Travis walk past on his way from a gay bar to an ATM…and was totally like “that guy is so cute…” and when Travis passed in the opposite direction, my friend shouted out, “Come over here!” I kind of died for a second then went with it.

    Was it love at first sight?

    TQ: I’d say yes to that. He was so mature and comfortable in his skin and I being newly ‘out’ really admired him in so many ways. I still do.

    SB: I was young and don’t think I had any idea what love at first sight was; but we did go out to dinner a week later and have been together ever since. So that must mean something akin to LAFS.

  • Out of the billions of people in the world why each other?

    TQ: Our paths crossed, we hit it off and it always just got better. We have grown so much as a couple and people because we continually listen and learn.

    SB: Uhhhhhhhh…stunning good fortune?

    Your hopes and dreams? 

    TQ: To be creatively inspired together as we navigate life and share that with our family and friends.

    SB: I hope I make Travis happy. I know I don’t all the time, but I hope so most of the time. I hope we keep finding our life together like we have so far. I hope our life goes on for a very, very long time. I hope I keep learning about myself and from him. I hope to be a better person in general.

    Who is the better dancer?

    TQ: I am for sure. I did the mambo, waltz and hand jive in my high school musicals…many a back handspring too!

    SB: I am the DJ and Travis is the dancer.

    Do you believe it’s ok to go on separate vacations?

    TQ: We have but most likely nowadays a vacation will happen together. It’s one of the things we look forward to most in life.

    SB: Totally. But we do a lot of outstanding ones together.

  • To fart or not to fart in front of each other?!

    TQ: 21 years – come on!? Oh no that was Rupert (our dachshund).

    SB: I can’t answer, it’s too distracting with all the farting.

    What have been some of the most important lessons you have learnt over the years?

    TQ: Patience and an ability to recognize each other’s differences. Dropping off a coffee bedside each morning makes Steven wake up and keeps him very happy.

    SB: Oh my computer just blew up—Indiana Jones melting face. Yeah. Humility. It’s one thing to care, another thing to scream about it. The meaning of family is always changing. Confidence in what I do. How to handle grief. How to push myself when I start to feel lazy. Let go of the past when it tries to hold me back. Confidence to let go of things sometimes and just be in it no matter what happens. Trust. Still practicing listening.

    What is easy? What is hard?

    TQ: Being together is easy most of the time. Easy is motivating one another. Easy is making up after an argument. Hard is dusting. We hate dust.

    SB: Easy is knowing that Travis is interested in my infinite well of weirdness. Easy is being reminded that he gets me even when I don’t get myself. Easy is the fact that we really do like each other. Easy is mutual love of dog(z). Easy is still being surprised by his honest enthusiasm for so many things in life. Hard is not over-thinking and letting the good things get overshadowed by the other stuff sometimes.

  • How do you keep the romance alive?

    TQ: Smiling and a hug.

    SB: He still makes me laugh. Even when I don’t want him to see that he makes me laugh because I’m being a total turd, but he knows when I know that he’s succeeding. So just fucking laugh already!

    Any idea what the secret is to everlasting love?

    TQ: Just be positive. It always helps.

    SB: Short answer — Travis. Long answer — Doing the entire thing together. We were both kids when we met. I was an elder kid, but still, we’ve made ourselves together and over time it or something changes we’ve figured it out together. No regrets.